Coindesk highlights the features of Bitcoin Core version 0.21.0

Coindesk highlights the features of Bitcoin Core version 0.21.0. We noted the launch on Jan. 7. Below are the major features of the software running the world's largest cryptocurrency.


  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 supports Tor V3 addresses.
  • Users may set precise fees denominated in satoshis, rather than estimations denominated in bitcoin.
  • Consensus rules have changed for Taproot, which allows for smart contracts using Schnorr signatures.
  • Taproot is fully live on bitcoin's signet, one of three official developer sandboxes. (Taproot will activate later this year, and most major mining pools have pledged support for Taproot.)
  • The software supports a client-side, block-filtering system for "light clients" that do not download bitcoin's full blockchain.
  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 supports descriptor wallets that use scripts instead of keys to execute functions.
  • Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 supports SQLite.